Attic Maintenance: Which Attic Service Should I Do First?

Attic maintenance is probably one of the most ignored tasks when it comes to home improvement. Here is a guide on how you should carry out attic maintenance.

The attic is often ignored and forgotten when it comes to home improvement. Admittedly, the attic does have a creepy aspect. It is dark and to access it, you have to climb the stairs. If Christmas and thanksgiving decorations weren’t stored there, few people would ever go up.

Even with all these underwhelming qualities, attic maintenance is crucial in increasing energy efficiency and improving your indoor air quality.

List of the Attic Services You Should Start With

Attic insulation

To prevent your air-conditioning system from working overtime, your attic needs to be insulated. Attic insulation doesn’t end at the installation process; you have to conduct routine checkups to make sure the insulation is not damaged either due to pests or moisture.

The most common signs of damaged attic insulation are cold drafts, water leaks, and ice dams on the roof and high energy bills.1 

Sealing of cracks

Cracks and openings in the ceilings result in the loss of warm air and allows cold air to leak into your house. They also allow rain water into the attic which causes moisture damage and formation of mold. 

Once in a while, go up the attic and check for openings.The attic is naturally dark so all you have to do is check for places where light seems to be getting in and then seal them.

Vent cleaning

With the number of items homeowners store in the attic, it’s so easy for the vents to be obstructed. If the attic vents lack ventilation space, you will start experiencing issues such as insulation problems and lack of airflow.

Check the attic vents for debris and ensure they are uncompromised then follow this up with proper clean up with a damp rag.

Pest control

Pests in the attic can cause damage to the insulation. You will be surprised at how many different pests can make a home in your attic. The most common attic pests are bees and wasps but you should also check for squirrels, mice, bats, and raccoons. 

Wasps and bees vacate the attic during winter but leave behind their nests. Dispose of the nests and seal any spaces they might have used to get into the attic.  

Clean up

Finish off your attic maintenance with a good clean up. Reorganize all the items stored in the attic to make sure they aren’t blocking the vents and clean it up to get rid of all the dust that has accumulated.

For attic cleanups, you only have to do them at least once a year.

Keep Your Home in Optimal Condition With Attic Maintenance

Checking and maintaining your attic frequently helps you maintain the structural integrity of your home by identifying attic problems before they can cause much damage. Have an attic service professional conduct maintenance at least once a year.

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