Create Your Dream Home with the Whole-house Fan and Attic Insulation

Our WholeHouse Fan and R-49 MicroFiber Plus Insulation creates the most energy efficient home. Save money with minimal energy bills.
Focus on enjoying your home and its comfortable temperatures all year long. You will have the “Dream Home.”


Benefits Include:


Drastically cutting your energy bill, up to 80-90%
Makes your home comfortable
Removes inside odors


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Our Happy Customer Testimonials


Upgrading my insulation to R-38 was the best decision I made towards my remodel. I read in many home improvement articles that upgrading your attic insulation will really pay off and it has. I am so happy that I did with Whole House Attic Insulation. They were professional and fast.

-Susan Wright


It’s amazing! Our home has the Whole House Fan and the R-38 MicroFiber Attic Insulation. This last summer when the temperature was over 100 degrees our house stayed between 72-74 degrees. Now that winter is here, our heater hardly ever kicks on even when it gets down to 32 degrees at night.

-Frank and Sally Karlson


I had your Whole House Fan installed this week. I am thrilled with your product. Initially, I was skeptical of the results. Just a few hours after the installers left our 5,300 SF home is significantly cooler. The product is extremely quiet. When in use, it sounds similar to our conventional air conditioner. I love the flexibility of the high/low switch and the 12-hour timer. I was also very impressed with your team.

-Janet Dare


I had a very informative site inspection meeting with you that made my decision to use your company versus your competitor. Your installers put me at ease and gave me confidence that my house was in good hands. Your company has such wonderful customer service and a great product.


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