Beyond Insulation: Ensuring Proper Ventilation in Your Home

Insulation saves you money but proper ventilation protects your health. Here are 4 ways to ensure proper ventilation in your home.
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Insulation may save you energy bills but proper ventilation will protect your health. If you are looking to make a comfortable living space out of your home, you have to make sure it’s well ventilated. Have you ever gotten into a room and the air was so stale that you couldn’t wait to get out? Nobody wants that for their home!

Here are 4 ventilation tips to improve your indoor air quality.

Let the Natural Air In

Fans and ventilation systems are all good but nothing beats natural air. It may seem like an easy task but most people forget to open their doors and windows, leading to the accumulation of stale air. Many homeowners have experienced condensation at some point especially during summer when the air is humid.

Outdoor air is cool and crisp and it will get rid of any pollutants and allergens in the house. You only have to open your door and windows!

Purchase a Home Ventilation System

Your home will need a permanent solution to proper ventilation regardless of the weather and this is where a home ventilation system comes in. During the winter, you can’t possibly open windows or you’ll freeze but you can crank up the ventilation system to replace the stale air.

Ventilation systems work by bringing in clean, fileted, and fresh air from the outside into your home.1 The systems are placed in a central location to make sure that fresh air is supplied throughout the house. They also force the humid air out, thereby controlling the moisture levels in your home.

Do Your Laundry Outside

Most homeowners are guilty of doing and drying their laundry inside the house. While this is undeniably convenient, it also poses a high risk of condensation occurring in your home. 

This could then result in the growth of mold, triggering allergic reactions, and causing health issues to you and your family. The condensation also hinders heating systems from functioning fully.

To avoid these problems., ensure that you dry your laundry outside the house in a covered area like a patio cover. If you must dry the laundry in the house, ensure all windows are open to let out the moisture.

Use a Fan

This is one of the simplest yet effective ways of ventilating your home. The beauty of using a fan is that they are affordable, get the job done, and come in many designs…they strike the perfect balance between functionality and aesthetic beauty. 

Make sure you place the fan in the room that’s used most like the living area and in a central position to ensure even distribution of fresh air.

More Home Ventilation Tips

Poor indoor air quality poses a health risk to you and your family. One other way to ensure proper ventilation is through overnight ventilation. This is where you leave the windows partially open overnight to let in the cool air, especially during summer.

If you suspect the air quality of your home is compromised, ensure you hire an expert to test it.

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