How to Effectively Eliminate Dust in Your Home

Continuous exposure to this dust may trigger respiratory infections and allergic reactions. Here are tips on how to effectively eliminate dust in your home.

Did you know that household dust consists of pollen, animal dander, hair, dust mite, and a whopping 80% of the dust is dead skin flakes? As disturbing as this is, the air quality of your home is adversely affected when the dust levels are high.

You would think that the dust in your house only manifests as dust films on furniture or glass, but you couldn’t be any more wrong. Dust particles are extremely small, and most times, you don’t even realize the air quality is compromised.

Continuous exposure to this dust may trigger respiratory infections and allergic reactions, so it’s crucial that it be eliminated.

5 Effective Tips for Effective Dust Elimination in Your Home

Keep the air ducts clean

How often do you clean out the air ducts? If you regularly clean your house, but there’s always dust lying around, there’s a chance it’s from the air ducts. Dander from pets and leftover dust from cleaning settles in the vents and is then transported throughout the house as the vents supply warm air.

Once in a while, take the vent cover off and clean the ducts. You will notice a considerable reduction of dust.

Change your air filters

It is advisable to change your air filters every three months, but the more frequent you do it, the less dust there will be.  As more dust accumulates in the filters, they get clogged, reducing their efficiency. Be sure to vacuum around the furnace, and if possible, you should invest in disposable air filters.

Wash your beddings regularly

Beddings are major collectors of dust, skin flakes, and dust mites—these dust particles buildup on your sheets, mattress, and pillow, leading to dust accumulation. Clean your beddings on a weekly basis and vacuum the mattress at least once every two weeks.

For items that are non-washable, take them outside the house and give them a good shaking.

Get air purifiers

The best air purifiers for dust elimination are High-Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filters. These filters are specifically designed to get rid of air particles so you can rest assured that your dust problem will be well taken care of.

Air filters are especially useful if there are members of your family with severe allergies. They however don’t effectively eliminate dust mites.

Use the right cleaning equipment

Cleaning dusting with the wrong supplies is retrogressive, as you may end up spreading it instead. Use disposable rags or damp cloth to wipe dusty surfaces and reserve the vacuum for areas that are difficult to clean with a rag.

Avoid feather dusters as they do a poor job of dust elimination.

Improve the Air Quality of Your Home With Dust Elimination

The truth is that you cannot completely eliminate dust. The best you can do is reduce the amount of dust in your home. By implementing the above tips, you should start to experience low dust levels in the house.

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