Top Mistakes Homeowners Make When Soundproofing Their Homes

When soundproofing your home, you will want to avoid these soundproofing mistakes that are not only costly but also ineffective.

Maybe you live in a busy street or next to a noisy highway. Maybe you have really noisy neighbors and nothing seems to be working. Whatever the case, being in such situations can be frustrating and most homeowners find themselves taking the easy way out just to be done with it soonest possible.

Unwanted noise is not only irritable but also interferes with your concentration and sleep. Naturally, the best way to handle these types of noises is by soundproofing your home. Outlined below are the top soundproofing mistakes you will want to avoid.

Mistakes You Can Make When Soundproofing Your Home

Not following the right soundproofing technique

Before attempting to soundproof your own house, it is paramount that it be preceded by extensive research. A small mistake in your soundproofing system can result in a major reduction in its efficiency. 

It is so easy to take the easy way out but the installation process determines whether or not your noise problems go away.If you are uncertain about the right soundproofing techniques for your home then you should hire a soundproofing expert.1

Buying any kind of soundproofing material

When it comes to home soundproofing, the one-size-fits-all approach does not work. Every variable when it comes to your noise problem is important including the pitch of the noise, how loud or deep it is and even the source of the noise.

The soundproofing materials you use should be specific to the noise pollution you are experiencing, otherwise, you risk making the noise worse.

Thinking sound gaps are bad

Yes, your soundproofing plan should include making some areas of your house airtight but sometimes, filling the spaces won’t make your problem go away. You need to understand exactly what it is you are trying to accomplish and whether filling up the gaps will help you achieve it.

Before filling in any cavity in your house, ensure you engage a soundproofing consultant.

Ignoring the root of the problem

Most homeowners go directly to soundproofing their house but forget the most important part; addressing the root of the problem. Could it be that the excessive noise is getting in through unidentified gaps in your house?

Before sound proofing your house, find out where the noise is coming in from. Sometimes the simplest solution ends up being the most effective one.

Focusing on glass

Most homeowners believe that laminated glass is the most effective solution to their problem, which is not always the case. Yes, it will reduce the amount of noise getting in but you could achieve the same efficiency with soundproofing curtains especially when the noise isn’t too much.

Avoid These Common Home Soundproofing Mistakes

There are different types of noise including structure-borne and airborne noise.2 Before starting on any soundproofing project for your home, check to find what type of noise you are experiencing and how you can properly address the issue. It will end up saving you a lot of money.

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