Why Are My Energy Bills So High? Here Are Some Tips to Lower Them

Is your electricity bill suddenly higher than it used to be? Here are 5 effective tips to lower your energy consumption!

Everyone that owns a home has probably had that moment where they dreaded getting the electricity bill in the mail. The thing about electricity bills is that you can never really tell what to expect.However, you can always estimate how much you’ll pay based on previous usage. 

According to the U.S energy information administration, an American residential household uses an average of 914 kWh per month. 1

Is your electricity bill suddenly higher than it used to be?

5 Effective Tips to Lower Your Energy Bills

Do a serious insulation overhaul

A huge chunk of your energy bills goes to heating up or cooling your house.  The problem comes in when the cool or hot air has multiple avenues to escape, e.g. the door or attic space.

Simply put, if your home is not well insulated, more energy will be spent trying to get the optimum temperature. This will then result in a colossal bill that could have been avoided.

Use energy-efficient electronics

Energy efficient electronics will cost a little bit more than other electronics but they will end up saving you a ton in the long-run. Do a quick sweep of your house and count the number of electronics you can see at a glance.

Now, each electronic that isn’t energy efficient is like a leak from a tap; it may not seem like much but at the end of the month, the amount of water lost will be huge. The same applies to your energy bill; switch to more efficient electronics!

Always unplug your electronics

When you leave your electronic plugged in but on standby mode, power consumption does not stop. These devices still consume power which can best be described as phantom energy.

According to the Department of energy, phantom energy accounts for about 10% of your normal power bill!2 Can you imagine that? Next time someone leaves the microwave or the oven still plugged in after use, be sure to switch it off.

Replace your air filters

This is one of the most overlooked household tasks. There is a high chance you have been postponing this for a while but here is why you shouldn’t; dirty filters result in higher bills. How? Well, if your air filter is clogged, airflow will be restricted.

This will then cause the AC to work harder and for longer, using more energy. Make sure you replace your air filter at least once a month.

Restrict the usage of large home appliances

Large appliances tend to consume a lot of energy. How many times do you do laundry in a week? How often do you heat up the oven because you saw a recipe you liked and would like to try it out?

You need to be very deliberate with how you use the large appliances. If you don’t have to use them, then don’t.

Reduce Your Expenses With These Tips to Lower Energy Bills

Sometimes high energy bills could be as a result of factors beyond your control but more often than not, you’re in control of how much energy you consume. Use the above tips to lower your energy bills. 

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